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Retirement Housing is Family Affair

published 2/25/2016

A recent Baltimore Sun story detailed the rather unusual living arrangement of three older Americans living in the same apartment of their retirement community.

The story explained how John and Pat Gross, ages 67 and 68, live with Pat’s mother at the Charlestown retirement Community in Cantonsville, MD. It’s not unusual for a couple to take in an elderly parent, but when they all move in together at a senior citizen facility it’s not the expected norm.Care

The geriatric specialist quoted in the article say the arrangement might not be for everyone, as family issues, medical care and personal space are bound to cause extra stress. Other experts point to problems forming bonds with others in the community and the over dependence of the more senior member of the new family unit.

But, according to the story, the Gross’s and Mrs. Gross’s mother, Pat, all seem to have developed a circle of friends at the facility and while they don’t deny that “They have their moments together,”  the trio has apparently been able to iron things out and live together with minimal issues.

According to manager at the Maryland facility the Gross family is not the first to move in together and they have had a number of requests from older children who want to move into the community sooner than they planned to, just because it made everything easier.

There’s no way to tell if this is the start of a trend, but it’s something to think about if you’re approaching retirement and will be caring for an elderly parent.

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