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Leaving Behind a Video Legacy for Your Loved Ones

published 5/12/2016

There are many important components of estate planning including developing a basic will and potentially trust and thinking about the documents that can be used to give another person the decision making authority if something were to happen to you.

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While it's easy to think about the estate planning process as the way for dealing with your most valued assets like your property, your real estate and your money, you may want to consider leaving behind a video to help instill family values and an important part of your legacy.

One way to do this is to record your stories on video. You do not have to invest a lot of time or finances in developing your equipment and materials in order to accomplish this goal but it can be an important vault of memories for your loved ones after you pass away. Your loved ones may be able to remember your values and character by viewing this video, cementing a legacy for many years beyond your passing. This also gives future generations the opportunity to see what you were like.

On the videotape, use this as your opportunity to talk to your family about the values that you believe in and why. You can talk about your successes and your failures over the course of your life so that they can continue to learn from your lessons long after you are gone.

However, you should consider discussing the creation of a video with your attorney if there are concerns about competency. In that situation, a video could be used to attach a will or trust's validity.

You can store this video or provide instructions for how to access this video in your other estate planning documents and it can be an important way for your loved ones to reconnect with you after you have passed. In conjunction with your other estate planning strategies, this is an excellent way to connect with your relatives and remind them of your legacy.

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