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Can I Change My Will?

published 4/7/2016

Your last will and testament has the effect of sounding final, but you are eligible to update this document as you see fit. It’s important to work with an Ohio estate planning attorney both to craft your original will and to revise it so that you can avoid common mistakes. Working with a lawyer is one of the best ways to protect your legacy and ensure that your will actually carries out your wishes.Last Will and Testament with Fountain Pen

Your current will remains active until it is invalidated, destroyed, or revoked by creating a new will. You can modify your existing will or you can create an entirely new one. Bear in mind that it’s not enough to cross out language in your current will or add a new provision. Typically, this will fall short of meeting the legal requirements for executing a valid will in Ohio. Instead, set up a meeting with your estate planning lawyer to review the old document so that you can determine appropriate next steps.

There are many different reasons you might wish to alter your existing will, and the bottom line is that it’s up to you if you don’t feel like your current version is appropriate.

Some of the most common reasons for updating a will include:

  • A recent marriage, so that you can include the new spouse
  • A divorce, in which you may wish to remove your former spouse
  • The birth of a grandchild
  • The death of a beneficiary, so that you can reallocate those funds or assets to someone else

Working with the right attorney can make a big difference when updating your will. Do not hesitate to get legal help from an experienced lawyer so that your will reflects your most current wishes.

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