It is not always easy to recognize that you need the assistance of an elder law attorney. Elder law attorneys can help with numerous different issues including future planning, estate planning, Medicaid and Medicare issues, choice of living situation issues, planning for special needs children and end of life concerns.


It is important to identify an elder law attorney who has experience in the field. There are three primary issues that many elder law clients are dealing with when they finally reach out to an attorney to schedule a consultation. These are feeling overwhelmed, loss, and special needs planning.

Adult children who suddenly become the caregivers for their older parents may have no idea what they are getting into and quickly realize that they are totally overwhelmed. They need plenty of advice and this is one reason why it may be the adult children rather than the aging parents who might reach out to an elder law attorney.

The second issue is loss. Many elderly individuals are confronting the loss of their spouse due to institutionalization, death or illness.
Finally, special needs planning may come into play for elder individuals who have children with special needs. Adults in this situation may want to be able to provide for continuing care of their loved ones. Consulting with an elder law attorney is strongly recommended if you find yourself in any of these situations. You will be able to get prompt answers to many of your questions and have greater peace of mind about the pertinent issues involved in your elder law situation in Ohio.

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