close-up of a woman's hand signing a power of attorneyEstablishing a medical or financial power of attorney is an important step to take so that you have someone else to step in and make decisions for you if you become unable to do so. Many people fail to put together a power of attorney because they assume that it will not happen to them.

However, bear in mind that even a car accident or disabling injury from work could make it impossible for you to make decisions on your own. This is why it is a good idea to have a power of attorney agent. In certain situations, however, you may become uncertain about the agent’s capabilities or trustworthiness and this may be cause for terminating him or her immediately. This can be referred to as revoking the power of attorney document.
Consulting directly with your estate planning attorney can help you figure out whether this is the most appropriate method for you. You may need to file a revocation and take other steps in order to terminate this relationship. If you suspect that your power of attorney agent no longer wishes to serve in this capacity or if you are no longer certain about their abilities, consult directly with your estate planning lawyer about the next steps.

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