happy young family of mother, father and newborn baby in their arms to embraceIf you ask any Millennial to write down a list of their plans, there’s a good chance that it will include things like vacation experiences, career accomplishments, and accomplishing their family goals.

That said, there’s a good chance that they’ll overlook estate planning entirely. It can certainly be said that Millennials may be more prudent about their financial planning and awareness in general. This may be because many of them are saddled with significant student loan debt after leaving college and graduate school. However, most people who fall into the millennial generation simply don’t think about estate planning.

There is a myth that estate planning is only for individuals who are older or only for people who have amassed significant wealth. A Millennial will not find themselves falling into either one of those categories in the vast majority of situations. This is why estate planning attorneys can assist Millennials with understanding that estate planning is just as much about planning for their life as well as it is about planning for what will happen after they pass away.

Using documents such as directives and powers of attorney can give Millennials peace of mind that if something should happen to them, another person has been appointed and legally named in order to make decisions on their behalf. Identifying the right estate planning attorney to evaluate a Millennial’s needs can be extremely beneficial for anyone in this situation. Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced estate planning professional today to learn more.

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