M, MR&PR, PR.jpg | date created: 2006:08:16Thinking about what will happen to your assets after you pass away is an important conversation and one that should be conducted with the help of an estate planning attorney.

However, planning for the future goes beyond thinking about what you’ll leave behind for your beneficiaries and what you will do to minimize your taxes. This is why the right lawyer can help you determine the strategies and documents most in line with your individual needs.

You may also have concerns about establishing care for your beloved pets. A more complicated and stronger legal option than clarifying this in your will is to use a pet trust. Inside a pet trust you can make a legal obligation to care for your pet and leave aside money to provide for his or her needs.

In your trust document, you would need to name a caretaker, outline what should happen with any money that is left over if the animal passes away, name an individual who will be eligible to enforce the terms of the trust by going to court if necessary and describe how the pet should be cared for.
Consulting with an experienced estate planning attorney can assist you with this process so that you can put together that trust that is well in line with your individual needs. You’ll have peace of mind that you have thought about your furry friends if something happens to you.

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