It’s a good time to think back about the life changes that you may have gone through in the previous year and determine where it’s appropriate to contact your bank accounts, life insurance companies and retirement accounts in addition to scheduling an appointment with your estate planning lawyer.

Many individuals neglect the estate planning process after they have done it once but this can be a big mistake as the most current version of your estate planning documents will most likely hold up in court and this could mean that your wishes are not carried out should something happen to you. Some of the most common changes that individuals face prompting an update in your estate plan include:

  •       New charitable giving decisions
  •       Caring for a special needs child
  •       Entering retirement
  •       A change in your health
  •       Birth of a child
  •       Death of a family member
  •       Marriage
  •       Divorce
  •       New Job
  •       Selling an investment property or primary residence

Any of these situations could trigger the need to make adjustments to your wills, add amendments to your trusts, or reassigning beneficiaries both contingent and primary. Consulting with the right estate planning lawyer is strongly recommended.


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