How Retirement Can Impact Your Health

Research has identified a broad range of different impacts that retirement can have on your overall being. It turns out that retirement can have both negative and positive impacts on your health, depending on the study. The National Bureau of Economic Research identified that complete retirement led to up to a 16% increase in daily… Read More »

Did You Know That Your Own Health Is the Biggest Wild Card for Your Retirement/Estate Planning?

There are two important things you can do to help make your transition into and beyond retirement as successful as possible. The first is to live healthy. This will give you the greatest chance of living a long and healthy life without the additional challenges of having to rely on nursing home care or other… Read More »

What are Some of the Life Changes that Prompt an Update in Your Estate Plan?

It’s a good time to think back about the life changes that you may have gone through in the previous year and determine where it’s appropriate to contact your bank accounts, life insurance companies and retirement accounts in addition to scheduling an appointment with your estate planning lawyer. Many individuals neglect the estate planning process… Read More »

Retirement Housing is Family Affair

A recent Baltimore Sun story detailed the rather unusual living arrangement of three older Americans living in the same apartment of their retirement community. The story explained how John and Pat Gross, ages 67 and 68, live with Pat’s mother at the Charlestown retirement Community in Cantonsville, MD. It’s not unusual for a couple to… Read More »