How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help You?

Most people might not even realize the multitude of benefits offered by an elder law attorney. Deciding to work with one as a loved one grows older or even as you contemplate your own future can help you guard against risks and gain peace of mind about the road ahead for you and your loved… Read More »

America’s Working Daughters in Crises

A recent article in The Atlantic focused on what it called a crises facing the many women in the United States who have become the primary care givers for their aging parents. The article pointed out that while many might see the headline as slightly sexist, the reality was that in over 80% of the… Read More »

How Long-Term Care Progresses for the Typical Patient

Long-term care exists along a continuum, with many patients initially requiring only modest or occasional services and then progressing to increasingly more intensive stages of care. Forbes recently outlined that continuum for their readers. It looks something like this: In-home help from family and friends In-home health care aides (professionals you hire to help the… Read More »

Mediation Can Play an Important Role in Ohio Elder Law

Mediation is increasingly popular in today’s litigation. Nobody likes a fight. After all, by the time lawsuits make their way to court, they’ve often become messy, emotional, and expensive. Mediation sidesteps some of that frustration by focusing on less formal, less combative means of conflict resolution. People usually talk about mediation in the context of… Read More »