America’s Working Daughters in Crises

A recent article in The Atlantic focused on what it called a crises facing the many women in the United States who have become the primary care givers for their aging parents. The article pointed out that while many might see the headline as slightly sexist, the reality was that in over 80% of the… Read More »

How to Wisely Invest a Big Inheritance

It’s a fantasy everyone shares — a relative you never really knew passes away after a long and fulfilling life, leaving you a massive inheritance you never saw coming. It’s not unlike the lottery fantasy that recently drove the nationwide Powerball to jackpot of over a billion dollars. For most people, that fantasy will never come… Read More »

How Long-Term Care Progresses for the Typical Patient

Long-term care exists along a continuum, with many patients initially requiring only modest or occasional services and then progressing to increasingly more intensive stages of care. Forbes recently outlined that continuum for their readers. It looks something like this: In-home help from family and friends In-home health care aides (professionals you hire to help the… Read More »

Diabetes Raises Your Dementia Risk by 60%

For several years now, scientists have been exploring a theory that dementia and diabetes progress similarly, and that toxic blood sugar levels may have a causative effect on dementia. Now, a new study finds that those with underlying Type 2 diabetes are 60% more likely to develop dementia later in life. Experts are impressed with… Read More »

Disinheriting Your Daughter-in-Law: An Unexpected “Dear Abby”

For generations, “Dear Abby” and “Ask Ann Landers” steered flustered folks toward sensible and socially savvy solutions for everyday problems. Most of those conundrums concerned love, neighborliness, and propriety. Occasionally, they’d tread ever so lightly in problems with the law. We recently came across a “Dear Abby”-type column in Canada’s MoneySense magazine. Its reader asked… Read More »

Anxiety Increases the Risk for Dementia

Feeling anxious? Who isn’t this time of year? Be careful, though — the stress might make you more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia. A new study finds that people who experience significant levels of stress on a regular basis are 50% more likely to develop dementia later in life. That’s much higher… Read More »

Dementia Will Be a Trillion-Dollar Disease by 2018

Dementia’s total economic and societal cost currently stands at about $818 billion worldwide. If that sounds like an unfathomably huge number, it is. But it’s about to get a whole lot bigger. Experts at the Alzheimer’s Disease Institute (ADI) in London recently announced a new forecast for the global dementia scene. It includes a sharp… Read More »

A Third of American Beneficiaries Squander Their Inheritances

There’s a tendency to think about inheritances like lotteries — you’re lightning-in-a-bottle lucky if you get one. That really isn’t true, though. Sure, multi-million-dollar estates don’t drop into unsuspecting relatives’ laps every day. But more modest estates can still represent a real gain for beneficiaries and their families, and those kinds of inheritances are bequeathed… Read More »