Why Do You Need to Consider Digital Estate Planning Now?

Many people have probably had the experience of seeing an automatic Facebook update celebrating someone’s anniversary or milestone of friendship on Facebook after one of those people has passed away, which raises important questions about the value of digital estate planning. The reality is that it is just as important to accomplish your digital estate… Read More »

What Your Will Cannot Accomplish in Ohio

Although the will is a cornerstone of your estate planning, as an Ohio resident it is important to understand that it may not be able to accomplish all of the goals that you have for your estate and future plans. In the majority of cases there are certain kinds of property that you cannot use… Read More »

Can I Change My Will?

Your last will and testament has the effect of sounding final, but you are eligible to update this document as you see fit. It’s important to work with an Ohio estate planning attorney both to craft your original will and to revise it so that you can avoid common mistakes. Working with a lawyer is… Read More »

Divorce and Your Estate Plan

Probably the last thing anyone thinks about when they get a divorce is their estate plan. But it can be critically important to update your plan as soon as possible. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article failure to update beneficiaries can cause a variety of legal issues. The article points out that married… Read More »

What is a Living Trust Scam?

Unfortunately, while there are plenty of legitimate living trusts and elder law planning attorneys in Ohio who help put them together, far too many seniors across the country fall victim to scammers who intimidate and scare their victims into purchasing unnecessary or worthless trusts. If you put together a living trust, work directly with an… Read More »

Retirement Housing is Family Affair

A recent Baltimore Sun story detailed the rather unusual living arrangement of three older Americans living in the same apartment of their retirement community. The story explained how John and Pat Gross, ages 67 and 68, live with Pat’s mother at the Charlestown retirement Community in Cantonsville, MD. It’s not unusual for a couple to… Read More »