Selecting The Right Trustee

In the event that you establish a trust, you will need to also name a trustee. It can be difficult to think about this process because you want someone who will have a relatively good relationship with your beneficiaries, who you also feel confident in passing the responsibilities on to.   Likewise, you need to… Read More »

It Turns Out That an Overwhelming Number of Americans Are Simply Uncomfortable or Unclear About the Estate Planning Process

New research shows that Americans, not surprisingly, are uncomfortable with the prospect of investing, retirement planning and estate planning. A new study of more than 5,000 individuals put forth by the group, Hearts & Wallets, identified that individuals who are late career between the ages of 53 and 64, and people who are likely to… Read More »

Reasons to Have the Estate Planning Talk with Your Loved Ones

Any family conversation about money can be a difficult one, especially when it approaches the subject of mortality and estate planning. Feelings about money and emotions get tied up in conversations about estate planning, bringing forward challenging emotions like fear, lack of confidence, shame, and concerns about dignity.   It can be difficult to discuss… Read More »

Remember These Tips If You Are Getting Remarried

Being married two or three times is becoming a more popular phenomenon than it ever was in the past. This can present unique challenges when it comes to estate planning, however. One of the biggest issues for any blended family and this new spouses, is to consider how assets will be preserved and protected for… Read More »