Would You Benefit from Having a Pre-Planned Funeral?

A recent report conducted by the Consumer Federation of America and the Funeral Consumers’ Alliance, identified that median prices at chain funeral homes could be much higher than independently owned ones. Many individuals do not understand that part of the estate planning process may include pre-purchasing a coffin or a funeral service. This enables you… Read More »

Ohio Families May Struggle If No Estate Plan Has Been Left

Failing to take action to put together an estate plan, even in terms of simply a basic will and a trust, could prove extremely problematic for families in Ohio. If nothing has been prepared, it is essential for these families to identify with someone who is familiar with estate administration. The estate planning process should… Read More »

Six Key Goals You Can Accomplish with Estate Planning

There is no doubt that you’ve probably already realized the general benefits of estate planning, but there may be a big reason why you haven’t approached it yet. Perhaps you feel that you simply do not need estate planning because the size of your estate is rather small or you are young and single without… Read More »

Milennials Can Benefit from Estate Planning

If you ask any Millennial to write down a list of their plans, there’s a good chance that it will include things like vacation experiences, career accomplishments, and accomplishing their family goals. That said, there’s a good chance that they’ll overlook estate planning entirely. It can certainly be said that Millennials may be more prudent… Read More »

Five Steps to Finally Tackle Your Estate Plan

Planning for the handling of your estate and writing a will can be a difficult topic as it enforces you to confront your own mortality. However, there are numerous different examples of why it’s so important to engage in your estate planning. Most importantly, all of the celebrity deaths that lead to catastrophic mistakes that… Read More »

Did You Know That Your Own Health Is the Biggest Wild Card for Your Retirement/Estate Planning?

There are two important things you can do to help make your transition into and beyond retirement as successful as possible. The first is to live healthy. This will give you the greatest chance of living a long and healthy life without the additional challenges of having to rely on nursing home care or other… Read More »

What are Some of the Life Changes that Prompt an Update in Your Estate Plan?

It’s a good time to think back about the life changes that you may have gone through in the previous year and determine where it’s appropriate to contact your bank accounts, life insurance companies and retirement accounts in addition to scheduling an appointment with your estate planning lawyer. Many individuals neglect the estate planning process… Read More »