A coffin with a flower arrangement in a morgueA recent report conducted by the Consumer Federation of America and the Funeral Consumers’ Alliance, identified that median prices at chain funeral homes could be much higher than independently owned ones. Many individuals do not understand that part of the estate planning process may include pre-purchasing a coffin or a funeral service. This enables you to lay out clear instructions for your future and also to minimize confusion and frustration among your loved ones.

Taking the necessary steps to ensure that your family members already have the plans in place, should something happen to you, can give you peace of mind and also make things easier for your family members who will already be struggling with grief. Properly making all of the necessary arrangements well in advance includes identifying someone who will know your most important documents are including your will.

Your estate planning attorney should always have a copy of your will and may need to be informed of the location of any other critical documents that your family members may need to access. Do not include your funeral instructions in your will as it may not be found until days or weeks after you have passed away. Taking these additional planning steps can make things easier for your loved ones to focus on what is important during this time. Talk to an Ohio estate planning lawyer to learn more about putting together a strategy for your future.

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