Estate Planning for Childless Couples

You may be under the impression that you do not need estate planning if you do not presently have any children or if your estate is relatively small. However, this can be a major mistake that can compromise your ability to pass on as many assets as possible to other beneficiaries including to charity. There… Read More »

The Importance of Proper Estate Planning If You Have an Art Collection

Any collector of expensive items should carefully consider the benefits of consulting with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney about how to plan for these assets to exchange hands in the future. In many cases, your children may not be interested in the art collection that you have built up over time. If you have recently… Read More »

Tips for Resolving Financial Problems in Stepfamilies

Blended families on their own have an opportunity to launch new traditions and relationships, but there are often pitfalls and challenges associated with finances. According to research conducted by the Stepfamily Foundation, approximately 1300 new stepfamilies come into existence every single day and at least 41% of individuals living in the United States have at… Read More »

Alan Thicke’s Estate Subject to Conflicts

The ‘Growing Pains’ star Alan Thicke passed away some time ago and although he took efforts to engage in the estate planning process, a conflict is occurring among family members. His living trust was created in 1988 to benefit his family. His wife, Tanya and he executed a prenuptial agreement in September 2004. The Thicke… Read More »

How Retirement Can Impact Your Health

Research has identified a broad range of different impacts that retirement can have on your overall being. It turns out that retirement can have both negative and positive impacts on your health, depending on the study. The National Bureau of Economic Research identified that complete retirement led to up to a 16% increase in daily… Read More »

New Study Says That Ohio Nursing Homes Are Among the Worst in The Country

Planning ahead for long term care and how you’ll support yourself in retirement includes careful consideration of your estate planning documents and your health care desires. Articulating these in legal documents with the help of an estate planning attorney and sharing with your friends and family members your intentions for living independently or using a… Read More »

Wills Vs. Trusts: Is One Better Than Another?

Certain estate planning documents may apply to you in general, but for other situations you may wish to have a trust or a will rather than having both. Many people have a basic understanding or what a will or a trust is and may already have formed an opinion about which one is better for… Read More »

What Women Can Do to Close the Retirement Savings Gap

Every individual knows that they need to save both for their short term as well as their long term. Unfortunately, however, multiple studies indicate that women lag consistently behind men when it comes to retirement savings. One theory behind this is that women spend more time out of the workforce in order to care for… Read More »

Paperless Wills- Should You Use One?

It goes without saying that you should have a will in place to help authorize how you want your property to be distributed after you pass away. But new information shows that you may not need a paper hard copy in order to demonstrate that your will is valid. Some courts in Ohio have already… Read More »