The ‘Growing Pains’ star Alan Thicke passed away some time ago and although he took efforts to engage in the estate planning process, a conflict is occurring among family members. His living trust was created in 1988 to benefit his family. His wife, Tanya and he executed a prenuptial agreement in September 2004.ThinkstockPhotos-498634145

The Thicke Living Trust’s co-trustees and Alan’s children are asking direction from the California Superior Court regarding their concerns about the overreach of his third wife, Tanya. Allegedly, a letter from Tanya’s attorney requested a larger portion of Alan’s estate than was previously allocated to her under the trust terms.

That same letter also denied the validity of a prenuptial agreement. This highlights how family law documents and the estate planning documents may intersect and generate complex legal battles. Having an established relationship with knowledgeable attorneys on both the family law and the estate planning side can help to curb these problems and provide clarity that helps to minimize conflict in the event that you were to pass away.

Celebrity estate planning blunders have provided plenty of fodder for sharing the importance of estate planning, but even with the best of intentions as in Alan Thicke’s case of putting together a trust, issues can still become extremely complicated and contested. Make sure you have considered all potential problems by talking with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer as soon as possible.


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